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Hampshire County Council Election May 6th 2021

I'm standing for the Labour Party in Andover West

I am passionate about helping make lives better, and so I am standing for Andover West in the Hampshire County Council Election on May 6th. 

I've been a volunteer in local charities since I was a teenager.  I’m on the board of a local community land trust which is working to create some affordable housing.

I’m also the CEO of a charity that helps people with dementia, learning disabilities or mental health problems, as well as CEO of a HealthWatch organisation.  So I’ve seen at first hand the impact that the COVID pandemic has had on people’s lives and their mental health.  I’ve also seen at first hand the impact on those people who’ve lost their jobs and on those who are struggling to make ends meet. We are working hard to help, but it’s a big challenge.

Although I work in the health and social care sector, I have experience of working in senior roles in large commercial businesses (like Deloitte). 

All this means that I can engage with all sectors of the community and, from a position of real experience, demonstrate to voters that I can challenge officers and members about effective management of council budgets.

Have a look at my campaign videos below and, if you support what I am trying to do and live in Andover West, please vote for me on May 6th. And do feel free to contact me about the issues that concern you. I'm a good listener.

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