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About me

My life

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Born in Lyndhurst in Hampshire, I’m a proud mum, Methodist, and a curious person who loves to know about the world (hence the qualifications in “odd” subjects like dog behaviour).  And I love to dance the Argentinian Tango. 


I have worked in both local government, charities, and in senior roles in the commercial world. 

My work

I’m the CEO of a successful charity that helps vulnerable people (like people with dementia, learning disabilities, other disabilities or mental health problems).  We’re key workers.

I'm also Chief Executive of a HealthWatch organisation.

Through these activities, I’ve seen at first hand the impact that the COVID pandemic has had on people in care homes, the impact on mental health, and the challenges of home schooling. 


I’ve also witnessed the impact on those people who’ve lost their jobs and on those who can’t afford to keep themselves and their families warm and nourished. We are working hard to help, but it’s a big challenge.  See my articles on impact of COVID on women, and digital poverty, education and home schooling. 

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